Iraqi Airways was founded in 1945. The first planes used were Dragon Rapides. For the next fiscal decade, until 1955, these planes were alternated with Vickers Viscounts. By 1955, however, the Viscounts took over all of Iraqi Airways’ services.

The 1960s arrived, and so did the jet age. Iraqi Airways was quick to modernize; buying Russian built Tupolev TU-124 planes as well as British built Tridents. These jets allowed Iraqi Airways to increase service across the Middle East, to Africa and Europe. During that time, cargo airplanes such as the Il-76 arrived.

During the 1970s, Iraqi Airways was granted a route to JFK International Airport in New York, and because of that, it needed a bigger jet, so it went to (then) Seattle based Boeing and bought 707 jets. Soon after, the Boeing 747 also arrived. In 1979, Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq, in a moment that would later prove to be a turning point for the airline.

In 2012, Al Abba Travel became the exclusive GSA for Iraqi Airways in Amman, Jordan for both sales passenger’s tickets and cargo services.

IA Flights from Amman

From To Days
Amman (AMM) Baghdad (BGW) Daily
Amman (AMM) Erbil (EBL) 3 flights/ Weekly


Amman (AMM) Basra (BSR) 2 flights/Weekly


Amman (AMM) Sulaimaneyah (ISU) 2 flights/ Weekly


The Iraqi Airways Fleet

The Iraqi Airways fleet consists of the following aircraft:

Boeing 737 – 700 & 800 767-300 747 – 200 & 400
Airbus 330 320 321
CRJ 900

Al Abba Travel, Al Rabieh Office. Amman

Al Abba Travel, Al Sweifieh Office. Amman

Cargo Services

Our cargo Office in Amman is providing a full service for your shipments (packing, removal and shipping to any destination worldwide Operated by any other airline).

We provide a 24 hour, 365 days a year service, ensuring a total commitment to our customers in handling all Kind of shipments (Diplomatic Mail, Diplomatic Cargo, Live animals, and all other general cargo).

Our expert knowledge combined with our comprehensive freight aircraft database and a competitive price among all airline and forwarding agents means that you get the optimum solution to all your freight requirements.

Our staff has extensive operational experience and is able to provide effective Support and advice at every stage of the operation.

Contact Info:

Rabieh Branch

Amman – Jordan
Al Rabieh – Abdullah bin Rawaha St.
Building # 14

Tel: +962 6 55 11 747
Fax: +962 6 55 11 758
Mobile: + 962 79 545 5539
Email: info@alabbatravel.com

Sweiefieh Branch

Amman – Jordan
Sweifieh – Princess Alia bint Al Hussein St.
Building # 62

Tel: +962 6 59 36 055
Fax: +962 6 59 34 533
Mobile: + 962 79 559 5581
Email: info.sweifieh@alabbatravel.com