A private jet is a luxury, allowing individuals to make the best use of their time, but the details of paperwork and staffing issues can be overwhelming.
Iraq Gate brings back the relaxation and pleasure of aircraft ownership by offering comprehensive aviation services, from helping you select the right aircraft at the right price for your needs to ensuring regular safety and security audits.
Our management specialists can conduct flight operation performance reviews, safety, security and quality assurance audits, and ensure that operations are in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. They will draw up business plans and budgets to enhance financial performance, as well as offer

qualified consultancy services. They will also oversee maintenance and manufacturers’ warranties.
Under Iraq Gate Aircraft Operating Certificates (AOC), owners can see substantial savings, either through management or through charter sales, especially in fuel, insurance, maintenance and crew costs.
By utilizing your aircraft for charter during idle periods, your luxury can become an investment. You control your plane’s availability, either by blocking out times in advance or by offering time in a flexible schedule. Charter planes must be registered under part 135 AOC and operated by the Iraq Gate Lease Agreements.

Chartering an aircraft is an option to make your travel more personalized and less complicated. Our charter account managers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help arrange flights and make hotel and transportation reservations, whether for business personal travel or medical evacuation. We can accommodate queries of as little as three hours notice. At the airport, our VIP lounge can shield you from airport havoc, and with its host of executive amenities, you will have a constructive way to use your time. Your meals should be as adapted to your tastes as your itinerary. When you book your flight, you will have the opportunity to choose between several world cuisines.

Each aircraft is equipped with a refreshment center featuring a selection of beverages and light snacks. Your choices will be monitored so that your favourites will always be waiting for you. One option to consider is our yearly blocked hour rate. This cost-effective option allows you the indulgence of private jet flight without the complications of  ownership and maintenance. We are your advisor, a trusted friend to help with any questions, queries or concerns. Our flight coordination team is available around the clock to assist you in any way, from arranging itineraries to confirming travel details. Our handlers will ensure that your aircraft is in top from at all times.

Passenger capacity : 8

Range : 3,890 km

Average speed : 804 km/hr

Overall cabin length : 6,50 m

Cabin height : 1,75 m

Cabin width : 1,75 m

Baggage volume : 1,53 m3

The powerful mid-sized jet owned by Iraq Gate allows you to fly farther than any other jet in its class, round-trip from Iraq to Europe. This range makes it an outstanding option for business or executive travelers. Its well appointed stylish cabin boasts amenities such as an audio/visual DVD and leather seats.

Passenger capacity : 7

Range : 2,200 am

Average speed : 470 am/Hr

Overall cabin length : 5.08 am

Cabin height : 1.45 am

Cabin width : 1.37 am

Baggage volume : 1.57 ma

For regional trips, the King Air B200 is ideal. Its small size allows you to use the airport closest to your destination, saving you ground transportation time. Its flexibility makes it an outstanding option for private charter.
Whether flying as pilgrims to Al-Haj or Omra, for a medical evacuation, a quick business trip or a vacation with family and friends, the Iraq Gate B200 can help you reach your destination in comfort and style.

Passenger capacity : 50

Range : 2,491 km

Average speed : 785 km/Hr

Overall cabin length : 12.38 m

Cabin height : 1.85 am

Cabin width : 2.53 am

Baggage volume : 13.8 m3

The CRJ-200 is one of the popular Canadian jets in history. An aircraft designed to provide superior performance, that is suitable for short hub, hot and high altitudes. Known for its flexibility and accessibility to land at short runways.

We offer the highest quality medical care in the most cost-effective manner. Our sterling record has been honed by our hundreds of evacuations from Iraq and Jordan to both Arab and European countries. Our Flight coordination crews are available 24/7 to provide a seamless patient transfer, and the equipment on each aircraft is tailored to each individual case. Our medical professionals will ensure that you reach you destination ready for the next phase of your treatment.
Our fleet is available for patient transport purposes. The aircraft type is determined on the flight distance and patients need
1 KING AIR B200 1 Hawker 800 XP

Each team is individually chosen by the Medical Director based upon the patients needs; e.g. Critical Care, Paediatric, Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, etc. The medical team chosen will adapt to the patient’s Particular medical or emergency needs so that he or she is as comfortable as possible aboard our “Air Ambulance” aircraft.
We focus on transferring your patient with the utmost care and safty. Because we are aware of the significant cost-effective options. Our goal is to adapt to the needs of the medical patient in providing world – wide transportation, as well as a reasonable rate for the “Air Ambulance” services.